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Refund Policy works on a deposit basis. Any available balance not earmarked for orders is available for a refund at any time. Simply e-mail with your client ID, the amount to be refunded, and the credit card/PayPal address used to place the payment to get the refund process started. Most refunds are completed within a week. has a 3-day auto-acceptance policy. You have three days (72 hours) to take action on an article once it has been submitted to you. The 72 hours includes weekends, so an article delivered on Thursday will be auto-accepted on Sunday. If you do not take action on an article after 72 hours, the article will automatically be accepted. There are no refunds available for accepted articles.

You may reject an article after one revision. A rejected article will not be charged to your account and you do not receive the copyright to the work. The order will return to our author pool by default. Funds for a rejected article are only made available when the order is deleted from the account.