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FAQ:Your questions answered

1. What is Writers Elite?

Writers Elite is a content and article ordering platform that gives our customers access to thousands of professional freelance writers. Every business is noticing the importance of unique content, which leads to better ranking in the search engines, more traffic and obviously more revenue. Our native-speaking writers will write unique and high-quality content for your every requirement.

2. How does it work?

Firstly, you’ll need to register for your FREE account, deposit funds to your account via PayPal or credit card, create your order by choosing the order category (Marketing, Hobbies, Fashion, etc), number of words, quality level (Gold or Platinum), preferred due days, instructions for the writer and your preferred keywords. Before placing your order, the price will be calculated and you can submit the order when satisfied. When the author submits his text, you'll then decide to accept the text or revise it. Only when you're completely happy with your text, you can complete your order.

3. What can I order through Writers Elite?

Our authors deliver high-quality product descriptions, blog posts, press releases, social media posts, news stories, technical articles and a wide variety of other written content to clients around the world. In essence, Writers Elite is a better, faster, easier and less expensive way for companies to get freelance written content.

4. Is the content written especially for me?

Yes. After our writer receives your order with your instructions, he will write your unique piece of content, according to your requests. Our authors like information on the intended audience and your goals to make the perfect piece of writing.

5. How much will it cost?

Depending on the number of words and quality level, we will calculate the pricing. You’ll know the exact cost before placing the actual order and that cost will not change.

6. How long will it take until I’ll receive the text?

Delivery time depends on a few things: number of words requested, ideal delivery time selected when placing the order and quality level. Our aim is to deliver in 1-2 business days however, if the requested number of words is big, we recommend giving the writer a bit more time.

7. What is the difference between the GOLD and PLATINUM level?

Both categories contain good writers however the PLATINUM writers are also experts in the category you selected. For example, PLATINUM writers from the 'Marketing' category are also experienced marketers - they know what they write about so they focus more on what's of value.

8. Can I revise an order if I don’t like it?

Yes. As our customer, you may approve of or ask for a revision on the delivered content. The revision request has to be very detailed so that the author can improve the text / article accordingly.

9. How long do I have to accept the order?

You have 48 hours to accept or ask for improvements on a delivered content. After 48 hours the content will be auto-accepted and te order will be finalised.

10. Can I share the articles I purchase?

Writers Elite grants and licenses to the customer the sole and exclusive right to publish, perform, display, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works and sell the delivered and approved text / article in any type of media, including, but not limited to, print and/or online media, in whole or in part, via all electronic, online, or any other media, now known and hereafter developed, throughout the world.

11. Can Writers Elite refuse an order I’ve placed?

Yes. We check every order placed before sending it to the writer and if we find unrealistic demands, we will refuse the order. Example: A book review request will be a rejected order.