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How to place a clear order for our writers

Your order briefing is fundamental for our authors. A precise briefing let our writers know exactly what you expect from them and at the same time enable them to provide the highest quality text.

The key to getting your desired content is to write a precise briefing:

  • Describe the type/genre of text you require: is it a product description or a blog post? Do you want it to give advice to your customers or have an informative tone. Also, if you'd like to have a teaser or subheading included, make sure you mention it.
  • Your target audience: Who is this text meant for? For experts in their field or beginners, men or women, children or adults, etc. What motivates them?
  • Linguistic style: Think of your target audience, what would appeal to them more? A professional and sophisticated tone or a more relaxed, casual language?
  • Content: Should the text offer advice, instructions, entertain or inspire your target audience? Informing the author of where you'd like to publish the text would be usefull.
  • SEO Requirements: You can instruct the author to include specific keywords and mention how often they should appear in the text.
  • Clear and articulate language: Be sure that your briefing is written as clearly and unambiguously as possible.
  • Short and concise: Keep the brief as short as possible. It is your job to decide what is absolutely necessary for the author to know and what is not.