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Content is KING! How many times have we heard that before?

Well…we haven’t heard that enough it seems! Google started hinting to this a few years back but now the focus for 2015 is more than ever on high-quality, relevant content. Many websites and blogs are experiencing a ranking dip and lower number of visitors after the last Google updates. They are constantly perfecting further updates to make sure only websites with QUALITY and ORIGINAL content are viewed in the search engine results.

The question is... are you a creative person that can dedicate several hours a day/week to add fresh content on your website? Do you really like writing? Would you give up a few hours from your relaxing time to write a blog post?

Don’t despair yet! If your answer to the question above is NO…then read on!

BUT if your answer is YES…read on as well :)

Our Amazing Platform...

  • Saves you time and effort

    It’s quick and easy to order your articles, using our ordering platform. You’ll just need to choose your topic, number of words, quality level and you’re done! Also if you found an interesting article, you can send it to our team to re-write it for you. Simples!

  • Provides SEO friendly content

    Our team is aware of the latest SEO updates and write the article accordingly. You just need to provide the writer with your chosen keywords and some details on who your target market is and he’ll take care of the rest. He will write your article with SEO in mind and also to make people engage!

  • Works with only native speaking writers

    Our thousands of approved writers are US and UK based. Benefit from their years of experience in writing quality content … plus our editorial team provides content proofreading and quality assessments on the writers and articles. We make sure we assign writers based on their knowledge of your niche … order at Platinum level and an expert in that field will do the work for you.

  • Guarantees 100% original copy

    … And with 3 levels of plagiarism protection! We cover a wide range of topics, from Fashion to Online Marketing and every piece of content we release is 100% original. Google will love you for it :)